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From Star Wars to Alien to Hitchhikers, the planets that we have seen in all kinds of science fiction movies are all dreamy in their own way. Science fiction, although it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, is a style that often allows people to scatter away and escape to a different world when the real world becomes too much to handle.

Seeing these different planets can make one feel like they’re part of something else and like they have a place to go to if they ever need to have some time in their own world. In fact, different planets also allow us to imagine what it would be like to live in a different world, something that can break the mundaneness of everyday life. Because of this, we have compiled a list of the top ten infamous science fiction planets in movies that we could think of. Here we go:

Number 6:   Caprica (Battlestar Galactica)

Whenever a futuristic planet shows up in a science fiction movie, it’s clear that the movie is about to be seriously good. In Battlestar Galactica, the planet Caprica is meant to represent what the USA’s culture would become in the future.

In the Caprica’s remake (which is Battlestar Galactica, for those of you who don’t know your way around Sci Fi just yet), Caprica is the place where the government resides within the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. It is the place where culture, science, learning, and art are at the forefront. The language of Caprica is also the main one for all Twelve Colonies. It is a beautiful world that also has the best climate for its inhabitants, and it has the most modern look: skyscrapers and technology like no other place. This is where the elites reside. It’s one of our favorites!

Number 5:   Gallifrey (Doctor Who)

On Gallifrey, a planet that exists in Doctor Who, we find ourselves in Kasterborous (Galiffrey’s constellation). This is also where the Time Lords exist and where the Doctor comes from. Although it’s beautiful because of its deep orange color, it has also been said to terrify some audience members. For example, the color can remind us of the wildfires and the orange color it brought, which of course, is frightening. It is a very interesting planet because of the time-travel technology that they have access to.

The people of Galiffrey are powerful and wise as well according to some accounts. The planet is frightening not only because of its color, but because despite its size (it’s estimated to be many times bigger than the Earth), it is barren. There are only a few buildings, and otherwise, the rest seems to be sand and desert.

Number 4:   Mars (The Expanse)

The Expanse is not only a thrilling TV show because of its noteworthy acting and the numerous various plotlines happening on different planets, but it is especially thrilling because of how likely many of the events are to really happen. After Earth reaches a point of overpopulation that does not allow for life on Earth to continue anymore, the new government – the United Nations – sends millions of inhabitants to various planets.

One of these is Mars, a planet that was created using a ‘modern’ form of imperialism whereby Mars is a colony of Earth but is meant to remain under the control of Earth’s government. Mars, however, is mostly self-sustaining and finally becomes its own government. The planet is not breathable, so most of the efforts made are to make it a breathable planet. Although the entire series is incredibly interesting to watch, Mars is especially interesting to us because of the likelihood of such events occurring in the near future.

Number 3:   Cybertron (Transformers)

The planet where the transformers come from, Cybertron is the place where everything is metallic and even then, where a lot of future cities exist. It is an interesting planet to look at because of how wildly unreal it is, and therefore, it provides us with that Sci Fi rush we love so much. We know it’s not real, but what if???

It is also interesting to see conflict happening on Cybertron, and the conflict is similar to that we see here on Earth: there are two main groups who are fighting for power and one of these is evil. Although Earth’s politics are much more complex than this, there are still many similarities, such as how the good fights the evil, and how there will always be conflict, no matter where we are.

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Number 2:   The Matrix

Of course, whether this is really a different planet or not is the big question. For the sake of being able to talk about it (because the Matrix, let’s be honest, is a golden movie, perhaps one of the best of all times!), let’s consider it a different planet. The planet, or potentially Earth, in the Matrix is one that has been overtaken by robots. Then, we see a few humans being “awakened” and being offered two options: taking the blue or the red pill, and based on the color of choice, they end up forgetting their experience and returning to the robot-plagued planet or they learn the truth about where they are.

The planet in the Matrix is an incredibly interesting one because of how original it is and how close to home it touches. Ever since the release of the first movie, it is not infrequent to hear “there’s a glitch in the Matrix” as a joke. The movie has made us all doubt whether we are indeed in a simulation!

Number 1:   Themyscira (Wonder Woman)

Our number one planet on this list is Themyscira, the all woman-led utopia in Wonder Woman. The simple reason for this? Every single woman on that planet is more impressive, strong, and all in all bad*** than the previous. The movie inspired millions of girls all around the world to become strong and not to be afraid to do sports and become “bulky”, just like it has inspired so many to take up defense arts and martial arts. So, it’s at the top of our list.

This concludes our list of the Top 6 science fiction planets in movies. You should now be ready for the next SciFi debate with your friends!

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