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Special Gift Ideas for your Anniversary

Whether you’re celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary or 6 months of dating, you want your anniversary gift to your significant other to be out of this world. 

An anniversary is not just a date on the calendar. It’s a milestone. In an age where more people are breaking up than coming together, keeping count of the number of months and years spent together is something to celebrate. 

It’s also an occasion for you and your partner to come closer, to make time for one another in your busy schedule. So often nowadays, we get busy with work, school, and family life, that we forget to slow down and appreciate one another as we did in the happy, exciting beginning of our relationship. 

To recapture that joy and excitement, here are 5 beautiful anniversary gift ideas.

1. Matching Drink Glasses

If you and your partner enjoy taking a private drink together now and then (or a little more often than that), these matching drink glasses are the perfect anniversary gift. One says, “Mrs.” and the other one says, “Mr.,” so you’ll always know which glass is yours. 

The shape and design of the glasses is unique, yet understated. It will add just the right touch of elegance to the gift you’ll give to show your eternal love and devotion. 

2. Name A Star After Your Significant Other

Naming a star after your significant other is one of the grandest romantic gestures you can make.

Imagine taking your loved one outside at night to gaze at the glittering expanse of stars above you. You point to that one special star and say, “That’s your star. I named it after you.” 

This gift will show that special person in your life that they are so important to you, you immortalized their name forever in the form of a star. The two of you will remember this night for the rest of your lives, recalling it as a precious moment in your shared narrative, like a bright star among many.

It’s easy to name a star after your loved one when you go through Star Naming. We offer three different packages: a single star, a star in a constellation, and a duonova, which is two stars that orbit each other. Regardless of which package you choose, we will make sure that the star is visible, so that you can easily point it out in the night sky. 

To make the naming of the star official, it will be recorded in the International Space Registry (of which Star Naming is an official partner). You’ll receive a certificate that verifies the naming, which you can frame and give to your partner as part of your anniversary gift. 

Naming a star after your loved one for your anniversary is a timeless gift that will never lose its luster. 

3. The Ultimate Game For Couples

Some couples love to compete with one another. It’s a way that they bond while having fun (and sometimes poking fun at each other, too). 

If this is you and your significant other, you should play The Ultimate Game for Couples on your next anniversary. This game is designed specifically for couples to play on their own, one-on-one, which makes it the ideal anniversary present.

Throughout the gameplay, the couple asks each other fun and often humorous questions, like, “What superpower would I want?” and declare exciting challenges such as, “Let me put lipstick on you.” It’s full of twists and turns you won’t see coming!

While you laugh and joke around together, you’re really building your relationship and coming to know one another even better for the years to come. And maybe even satisfying that competitive itch.

A couple playing a board game

4. Unstoppable Love Necklace From Kay Jewelers

If you’re wanting to splurge, then Kay Jewelers is the ideal shop for dazzling, expensive jewelry for him and her. For her, we recommend the Unstoppable Love Necklace. 

This gorgeous piece features a sterling silver heart-shaped pendant, with a glittering lab-grown white sapphire set in the exact center. The pendant itself is also set with smaller lab-grown white sapphires, which makes the necklace even more sparkly and eye-catching. 

Yet this necklace is not gaudy or flashy. It’s sweet, simple, and beautiful, the perfect expression of a long-lasting, “unstoppable” love. 

5. Tickets To A Special Event

An anniversary gift doesn’t necessarily have to be a piece of pretty jewelry or a celestial body. It can also be a fun experience, like a trip to a local theater production, a museum, or the movies. This way, you can enjoy quality time spent together while doing something entertaining.

If you have kids, leave them at home for this trip! Going to this special event is a time for you and your significant other to commemorate the months or years you’ve spent together and look forward to all the good times you’ll have together in the future.


Your anniversary with your partner or spouse is one of the most important events of the year. It’s a time when you should slow down from your busy lives and remember your deep and eternal love for one another.

The above 6 anniversary gift ideas will help you prepare a present ahead of time, so that on the day of your anniversary, you can simply focus on your partner and how much they illuminate your life. 

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