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Love and Partnership of the Zodiac Sign Aquarius

January 21st to February 19th

Aquarius - Sex and Love are Separated

They fall in love quickly, but commit all the more slowly. The zodiac sign Aquarius is very distant in its many relationships. Contrary to what many suspect, they do not want to be hurt, and at times they have great problems with closeness and intimacy. In a committed partnership, they therefore separates love from sex. 

The Aquarius often begins fleeting affairs or short-lived romances. They are best played out over a distance of a few kilometers – there should just not be any emotional depth as they quickly feels constricted by that. Soon, they seek the distance to preserve their freedom.  

They Neither Bind Themselves to People, Nor to Places

This behavior is only reinforced by their thirst for adventure and their urge to make new acquaintances. They do not bind themselves to people, nor to fixed places. Therefore, Aquarius’ usually need very flexible life companions that can cope with their erratic nature. 

Paradoxically, they very often end up in a relationship with dominant and strong personalities. This is partly because the zodiac sign Aquarius needs friction in a partnership, but they themselves are hardly aware of this. This means that although they do not want to be taken in, they still crave emotional support. This is one of the few ways to lure the cool Aquarius out of their emotional reserve.

Zodiac sign Aquarius love and partnership special offer

Not a Relationship Person by Nature

The Aquarius is not a relationship person by nature. They like to flirt, even if they are in a relationship at the moment. This is something that Aquarius-born people definitely need to work on. 

Once they have found a partner for life, they must not only be flexible and self-confident, as already mentioned, but also have a high intellectual level. The air sign defines love much more than other zodiac signs through the intellectual level than through the physical. Their chosen one may then enjoy many things. And one thing they certainly do not have to fear: Boredom.


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