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The Aquarius Woman

January 21st to February 19th

The Aquarius woman - A Real Individualist

Ms. Aquarius is a true individualist. She is very keen to retain her independence and her freedom. Today, she definitely is an emancipated and self-confident woman who is not afraid to break new ground, regardless of what the masses have to say about her. 

Above all, she remains true to herself and doesn't let anyone limit or bend her. She uncompromisingly separates herself from people who want to lock the light-footed Aquarius woman into a golden cage. 

She Drives Men Crazy with Her Sex Appeal

Unusually often, she has to deal with men who try to get her as a kind of trophy. They see her as a desirable object to be conquered. Most likely, it's her easy-going nature combined with her distinct sex appeal that drives men crazy. 

Therefore, she learns to emotionally distance herself early on as she does not want to get hurt. Instead of committing to someone permanently, she prefers to jump from one adventure to the next. 

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She Knows What Matters

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, she has a very colorful and large circle of acquaintances, the most diverse people can be found among them. Distancing and restraint only applies to the charming Aquarius woman in terms of love. In all other scenarios, she is very companionable, humorous, sociable and helpful. 

Her whimsical nature, in a positive sense, makes her a respected friend. In addition, the Aquarius woman always knows how to help out with advice. Thoughtfully profound, she delves into the deepest corners of a matter. As a result, she is developing a very large body of experience and knows exactly what matters in certain situations. 

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A Life Without Regrets

Thus, she finds her destiny in the most diverse professions all over the world – and that’s good, because she needs variety, exciting places and interesting people to develop her full potential. She has something ingenious about her and captivates with thousands of ideas on a topic. 

Whether as a fashion designer, musician or in any other field of art, the Aquarius woman does not have to worry about standing out with her type. She is constantly reinventing herself and knows how to draw attention to herself with scandals. She is not too shy for that, because she lives a life without regrets.


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