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the Ascendant Pisces

Table of contents

  • Appearance of the Ascendant Pisces
  • Character of the Ascendant Pisces
  • Job and Career of the Ascendant Pisces
  • The Ascendant Pisces in Love
  • Learning Task of the Ascendant Pisces
  • Zodiac Signs in the Ascendant Pisces

Appearance of the Ascendant Pisces

The Ascendant Pisces stands out because of their understanding look and warm-hearted charisma more than by their height. As a rule, the Ascendant Pisces is short and slender. They very rarely are athletes.

Their facial contours are soft, their wide smile brings out beautiful dimples and their hair is smooth and soft. Pisces also are very liked because of their appearance.

Character of the Ascendant Pisces

The ideal world of the dreamy Ascendant is one full of peace and harmony. A world where they live out their feelings without restraint and are not afraid of anyone hurting them. It's no secret that the sensitive Pisces often retreat into these dream worlds. 

Because of their reserved and passive nature, people often underestimate the Ascendant Pisces. One reason for this is that Pisces attach themselves to fate and demonstrate incredible faith in life.

Pisces don't interfere with the plans of the universe and hope for the best for them, even when difficult times demand patience and suffering from them. Despite this strength, they don't take responsibility towards others. They leave the decision-making power to others. Therefore, the Ascendant Pisces looks for a strong partner to show them the way.

Strengths of the Ascendant Pisces

  • Understanding
  • Creative
  • Brave
  • Warm-hearted
  • Spiritual

Weaknesses of the Ascendant Taurus

  • Indecisive 
  • Passive
  • Sensitive
  • Destined
  • Inconsistent

Job and Career of the Ascendant Pisces

Understanding and empathetic as the Ascendant Pisces is, they make excellent psychologists or social educators. They instinctively recognize what is missing in people who ask them for help. In this position, they feel joy because it is an honor to help their fellow people.

Whether literary, author, fashion designer, artist or chef, professions in which the Pisces can live out their creativity are made for them. Their boundless inventiveness brings out unimaginable things.

These Ascendants do well in many professions, but they are no businessmen. They are too conscientious to be hard-nosed about their interests. 

The Ascendant Pisces in Love

Devoted and passionate, Pisces pamper their partner to the fullest. They love love and a lasting relationship takes a high priority. In this, their main concern is to let themselves fall. They feel deeply and focus on their partner's needs. 

Despite their devotion and affectionate nature, the Ascendant Pisces needs time for themselves and their dreams. They dive into fantasy worlds which they draw strength from. When they don't, Pisces-born become harsh and inconsiderate. Their partners will react all the more surprised because the Pisces are otherwise emphatic and caring.

Their partner has to be one thing above all: patient! Since this Ascendant keeps quiet about their problems and doesn't express their displeasure, their partners cannot help talking them down. If you get involved with a Ascendant Pisces, you have to be careful that the Pisces doesn’t swallow frustration until it eventually goes bang.

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Learning Task of the Ascendant Pisces

The Ascendant influences the appearance and character of a person. It points out areas of life in which our learning tasks lie.

The good-natured Ascendant Pisces thinks of others before attending to their needs. When this trait becomes prevalent, their needs are forgotten. The biggest issue: If they does not express their displeasure, they allow themselves to be exploited over a long period of time, as they are very naive. Due to this, their keyword is healthy selfishness.

It's okay to cancel on people and take time for their needs. In the long run, they are happier and don’t escape into their dream worlds to escape reality. They rather live their dreams and make them come true.

Zodiac Signs in the Ascendant Pisces

Pisces Ascendant Pisces

As usual with dual zodiac signs, the specific traits of the character are enhanced in the double Pisces. They often look for a strong partner to counterbalance them. If the latter acts recklessly, the highly sensitive fish suffer.

Leo Ascendant Pisces

If this Ascendant answers fundamental questions about its existence, the result is that it unites its energies and draws self-confidence from them. Then, they accept themselves as they are and don’t try to slip out of their skin.

Aries Ascendant Pisces

The Aries Ascendant Pisces is sensitive and considerate. They are wonderful with their fellow people and go out of their way for them. Until that happens, they would do well to resolve their inner conflict. Only when they achieve this, do they stand up for themselves and their friends with feeling and drive. 

Sagittarius Ascendant Pisces

This Ascendant stays true to itself and doesn't let anyone get in its way. Their intuition leads them to where people need them. With all their luck, Sagittarius better be careful not to become too passive. Otherwise, they don’t realize their goals and desires, but they only remain daydreams.

Virgo Ascendant Pisces

This Virgo is fickle and unstable. They say “no” rarely and people who recognize this take unrestrained advantage of them. For them, it is a matter of bringing their energies into line and mastering the balancing act between the emotional world and the analytical mind. After that, the continuity they need will emerge.

Capricorn Ascendant Pisces

When concerned about the welfare of those around them, this Ascendant develops incredible passion. In this, their peaceable nature expresses itself and they show the organizational talent in them.

Taurus Ascendant Pisces

The most appropriate symbol for Taurus Ascendant Pisces is that of a city built on water. In this Ascendant, the rationality of Taurus is combined with the unique visions of the Pisces.

Aquarius Ascendant Pisces

The Aquarius needs an anchor in the present so that they don’t get caught up in it. Daydreaming loses. Their plans are additionally weighed down by their manner. They tend to underplay things and have a hard time getting their way. In return, they are unprejudiced and exceptionally good-natured. When these people cultivate their strength, they don't exclusively dream of the perfect world, but actively shape it.

Geminis Ascendant Pisces

Gemini are sensitive and empathetic. With them, you get tactful and romantic contemporaries who deeply think about the world. Big plus: They convey their emotions effortlessly and without ado.

Libra Ascendant Pisces

The Libra Ascendant Pisces is constantly looking for the ideal partner. Only in a happy relationship do they let themselves go uninhibited. Under this premise, they really blossom and provide a lot of joy in the lives of their fellow people.

Cancer Ascendant Pisces

The Cancer Ascendant Pisces is not ambitious, disciplined, or consistent. In return, they impress with their dedication to things they care about. Towards their fellow men, they are benevolent and kind.

Scorpio Ascendant Pisces

Nothing escapes these Scorpios. They perceive the most diverse moods around them and impress their friends with their attentive nature. Moreover, they fight their way through life and are committed in love. They want to experience their partner intensively and spoil them by every trick in the book.

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