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Zodiac Sign Cancer and Zodiac Sign Aries

Cancer & Aries - A Promise of More

When fire meets water, things rarely are simple and straightforward. In particular, the pairing of Cancer and Aries creates tension. The relationship between them requires some tolerance. The Aries is a temperamental contemporary who, in keeping with their constellation, likes to ram their head through the wall. Stubborn and hot-headed, they approach life in an unbridled and impetuous manner, also in love. 

This impetuous nature makes them unstable, and as a rule, the Cancer is not into that. For them, continuity, respect for traditions and the tried and true are very important. When choosing a partner, the Cancer also sniffs at its future partner for a long time before entering into a serious relationship. 

An Unstoppable Vicious Circle

The Cancer does not do things by halves, even if they are subject to mood swings. For their partner, they give everything and are overprotective. They are always concerned that their loved ones wants for nothing and this much attention is like paternalism to the Aries. They cannot handle a lot of closeness too well and want to increasingly break free from the (supposed) grip of the Cancer. This leads to an unstoppable cycle that can quickly mark the end of their relationship. 

Like Sun and Moon

The more the Cancer clings, the more the Aries seeks the distance. And the more they seek the distance, the tighter the Cancer clings. Over time, a breakup becomes inevitable. Neither the Aries, nor the Cancer feel comfortable and valued. At some point, the gap is unbridgeable and the disappointment weighs heavily.

To prevent this, clear agreements are essential. An open communication, in which everyone can express their fears and needs is the be-all and end-all. A passionate relationship with great enrichment is by no means far-fetched. The sun and the moon are not as dissimilar as they seem at first glance. 

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The Cancer Woman and the Aries Man

Not Ideal

The Cancer woman and the Aries man have a very bumpy start. Even after that, this connection is not exactly what you would consider ideal. Nevertheless, the Cancer woman and the Aries man are very similar in some traits: 
they are very emotional, although in different ways, and in a relationship, they tend to be very jealous. As a result, a harmonious relationship rarely develops. You could say that introversion personified, the Cancer woman, meets extroversion personified, the Aries man. 


The Cancer woman is always concerned about balance and peace, especially in a relationship, she always tries to satisfy her partner. In return, she renounces her own needs and spares criticism of her loved one, simply because it shuns conflict like snails shun salt. 

The Aries man often goes through walls with his head, he is not a child of sadness and does not hold back long with criticism. He is not squeamish in other respects either. If something bothers him, he communicates this without any detours. Exactly this behavior will hurt the Cancer woman again and again and makes her withdraw – trust that has been gained is lost as a result. 

An Unbeatable Team

The strength they express in this way in turn inspires the Cancer woman. It is a promise of safety and she attaches great importance to this. He is their protector in difficult times. With him, she always has a strong shoulder to lean on and talk about her feelings. 

A safe retreat and a promise of family is what the Cancer woman offers the Aries man. After his adventures and struggles, he can relax and unwind, and if they manage to settle in over time, the connection between them can be very promising and they grow into an unbeatable team.

The Cancer Man and the Aries Woman

How Will They Spend Their Free Time?

Domesticity versus adventurousness – there are significant differences between the romantic Cancer man and the fiery Aries woman, but also fundamental commonalities. Problems will arise when it comes to the question of free time: 
while the Cancer man likes it cozy at home or invites his friends in a small group, the spontaneous Aries woman wants to try new things. She is always looking for the next adrenaline rush, which requires a great deal of accommodation, even at the beginning. 

There Can Be Heated Arguments At Times

Since they also are very sensitive, it will sometimes get a little noisy during disagreements. The Aries woman does not hold back with her views, she clearly addresses the things that bother her and make her dissatisfied. 

The Cancer man has to learn to speak his mind so as not to walk off the field as a loser again and again. If he has to back down too often, he withdraws emotionally, and in the end, nobody won.

A Complicity to be Proud of

However, the Cancer man can get great growth from such a relationship. Despite all the passion, the Aries woman is very concerned about the well-being of her partner and both are characterized by their pronounced emotionality. It leads to frustration, but also to tender hours. 

With ups and downs, the Cancer man and Aries woman can grow into conspiratorial partners in crime. In this, they give each other a lot of love and security, but as mentioned, this requires clear communication and a lot of sacrifice.

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