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The Zodiac Signs Gemini and Gemini 

Gemini & Gemini - Can this Work?

This relationship of course is all about light and shadow. Generally, two identical zodiac signs harmonize well with each other. With frequent contact, one recognizes many of their own characteristics in their partner. 

Therefore, the fact that they are curious and adventurous benefits this couple. There will rarely be a lack of joint activities. For outside observers, this could be too much turmoil in the relationship, but once two Geminis have found each other, things can't get turbulent enough.

The Flip Side of the Coin

But here is the first flip side of the coin: Activity and the urge to experience new things can quickly turn into restlessness, which causes togetherness and romance to quickly fall away. This can sometimes cause couples under the zodiac sign of Gemini to lose sight of each other and grow apart. A common circle of friends would be an excellent solution. This way, they can often be on the road without losing sight of each other.

It is similar with the low level of jealousy. While most relationships fail because of too much jealousy, this constellation provides the exact opposite. Both the Gemini woman and the Gemini man are hardly jealous. A breeze of jealousy is often the spice that keeps a relationship alive, because it shows that you do care what the other does. It makes clear how important the partner is to you. 

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They Surf on a Wave

If both parties are aware of this and, in addition, manage to open up more to give greater weight to their feelings, this relationship will be characterized by a lot of fun, enormous passion and great trust. They surf on the same wave, share the same sense of humor, and will always be able to draw on shared memories.


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