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Love and Partnership of the Zodiac Sign Libra

September 24th to October 23rd

The Libra - Like Never Ending Spring

In matters of love, Libra is like never-ending spring. The sun is shining and the first delicate flowers are blooming. Birds are chirping and there is a wonderful scent in the air. You could say that Libra is constantly in love, not necessarily with people, no, but in everything that hides a special magic. A harmony that weaves everything together. 

They love art, photography and dancing. They are happy to listen to beautiful singing, so it's hardly surprising that an ideal partner shares that very love of beauty and ideally also radiates them.

The Opposite of Beautiful is Ugly

Both men and women look for commonalities rather than opposites in their partner. They don't believe in the phrase that opposites attract, because the opposite of beautiful would be ugly and tasteless. Under no circumstances, this is what a partner should be. Appropriate compliments, polite manners and a well-groomed appearance are the minimum requirements of a Libra. Nothing really goes below that.

The Libra also expects their partner to love the same things, and joint activities should not fall by the wayside. In short, they want to have a storybook relationship – perhaps this penchant for perfection is their greatest flaw. For all their love of aesthetics, they don't get the idea that beautiful doesn't necessarily mean good. Thus, ghost lights in the forest can have an almost magical attraction that gives the appearance of protection, but if you approach them, they pull you into the swamp. 

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Compromise is Not the Cure-All

This can lead to big surprises and disappointments. It doesn't help that they avoid the “ugly” things in life, like arguments, for example. They always seek for compromise, whether in a friendship or a love relationship. At first glance, this is commendable, however, it often leads to them preferring to suck up their displeasure and keep their opinion to themselves instead of making clear what they really want. In the long run, this can lead to illness. Once the Libra has settled on a partner, you will have a stylish, compassionate and an extremely lovable person by your side.


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