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The Libra Man

September 24th to October 23rd

The Libra Man - Open-Minded and Tolerant

The Libra man has very high expectations of himself and his fellow people. At the same time, he attaches great importance to aesthetics, also in the sense of a well-groomed appearance. He does not treat his fellow people from above but meets them tolerantly and with an open mind. Everyone has a chance to win his favor as he does not like injustice at all. But that is no reason for him to fly off the handle. Big emotional outbursts are not stylish and therefore not for him. On the contrary, he always expresses criticism in his own charming and diplomatic way. He does not want to offend anyone or give his counterpart the feeling that they have been treated unfairly. 

He Shines with His General Knowledge

In conversations, he shines with his wide-ranging knowledge and keen observation powers. Thus he sees through people as a matter of course, but does not exploit these insights gained, but takes them as an opportunity to understand his counterpart. However, counterparts who do not understand anything about art and culture are not very interesting for him. 

He loves the finer things in life, the harmony that makes the world shine, and he can talk about it for days. A partner has to share these preferences, otherwise developing great love will be difficult.

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Love is a Big Topic

In general, love is a big topic with the Libra man. He likes to fall in love and does so quite quickly. As a rule, however, he leads few serious relationships – not that he would lack admirers, his well-groomed and fashion-conscious appearance, as well as his charming manner make him a highly sought-after bachelor for the ladies. 

No, it's rather because the Libra man puts things on the back burner not only in matters of love. He does not like to decide. Thus, women should be aware that they cannot quickly bind a Libra man to them; a lot of patience is required here. 

Things become even more difficult when he has several irons in the fire at the same time. That's when the decision becomes a strength test. Not only is it hard for him to decide, but he doesn't want to hurt anyone, which can be pure torture for him and his loved ones. Clarity is desirable, otherwise, he will hurt not one, but several people. 


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