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Love and Partnership of the Zodiac Sign Leo

July 23rd to August 23rd

He Likes to Stay In Control

Typically, the Leo likes to stay in control in a relationship. They like to be the center of attention without imposing themselves too much. A partner should take this to heart. Give them this space without thinking of yourself as an appendage. Leo likes self-confident partners and encourage them to come out of their shell. 

However, they can't stand it when their better half attracts more attention than they do. It helps that the Leo is very receptive to praise and recognition. Correctly communicate your admiration for them and they will generously overlook trivialities. 

Tenderly and lovingly, they take care of their partner and spoil them by every trick in the book. Their lovers do not need to fear that they might be falling short with them. Whether it's a romantic weekend or a small gesture out of the blue, Leos are not greedy with favors.

Instead, they are extremely possessive and jealous. Never give a Leo the feeling that they only play the second fiddle. The warm-hearted and generous Leo becomes a domineering person who shows their ugly side. 

A Generous Lover

This leads us further to their partly narcissistic and self-absorbed nature. The impression can arise that Leos only like themselves, but the appearance is deceptive. They love to show themselves from their best side and expect the same from their counterpart. 

People who let themselves be dragged are not for the graceful Leo. They place great importance on their external image in order to score with others. In addition, the Leo is a caring and generous contemporary who gives small and large gifts to their partner. In return, however, they expect to be pampered by their loved one. 

A Leo is unconditionally faithful and loyal. They do not like small romances and adventures outside of a steady relationship. They promise themselves to their chosen one with body and soul. Since Leos understand the world as a give and take, the expect the same generosity from their partners. With a greedy person, romantic feelings will not arise. 

leo in love and partnership

No Boredom – Guaranteed

Together with their partner, they not only enjoy themselves within their own four walls. Together, they are passionate about visiting art exhibitions, opera balls or taking their chosen one to sporting activities. After a stimulating evening, they love better and more passionately because the recognition of others is the ignition fire of their engines. The mere recognition of their partner is not enough. Without it, they perish like a withered leaf. Then, they are not the same and one searches for the fire of love in vain.

Generally, it can very well be said that a love relationship with a Leo is challenging. With their tendency to jealousy, especially when someone wants to dispute their throne, there certainly are easier relationships among the zodiac signs. But in the rarest of cases, they are more exciting. With them, it is guaranteed that things will not get boring. They are too passionate and active for that.

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