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Zodiac Sign Virgo and Zodiac Sign Pisces 

Pisces & Virgo - (Not) A Dream Couple?

Unfortunately, Virgo and Pisces are very different, and not in the positive, enriching way. They hardly have anything that connects them. In part, they speak a different language. Not to say that they come from different planets. 

The zodiac sign Pisces is incredibly dreamy and likes to live in illusory worlds. They fill these with a lot of imagination and then live into the day and surrender to their intuition. Factual considerations play a rather subordinate role. Virgos, on the other hand, live much more reality-based lives: they plan, order and structure their lives. To build something, they need consistency.

What One Has Too Much Of, the Other Has Too Little

A partnership between them is very unlikely. If it does occur, they have to put a lot of work and energy into the relationship. Unfortunately, there will be little interest as the Virgo stamps the Pisces as too emotional. Conversely, the Pisces perceives the Virgo as too “cold” and unapproachable. They are more likely to give therapy to each other than to love each other.

What one has too much of, the other has too little. It is better for both of them to look for a partner who can meet their own needs, they then will live more happily and more content.

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Virgo Man and Pisces Woman

Getting to Know Each Other Can Become an Endurance Test

The analytical Virgo man meets the intuitive Pisces woman. I wonder if that is going to work out... Just getting to know each other for the first time can be a real ordeal, because verbally, they communicate on different levels. 

If the interest of the Pisces woman and the Virgo man is aroused, the question who is ready to take the first step remains When things gets serious in love, neither shines at taking the initiative. 

On the other hand, their leisurely pace works to their advantage. The Pisces woman generally finds it difficult to make decisions. The Virgo man makes decisions but takes at least as much time. In simple words, this means that they have enough time to get to know each other better.

If necessary, they can also pull the ripcord without suffocating in emotional chaos. Or they actually fall in love with each other – then the Pisces woman will feel safe in the strong arms of the Virgo man. Meanwhile, he listens to her attentively. They lovingly look into each other's eyes and know that despite all their differences, they are happy together.

Virgo Woman and Pisces Man

The Pros and Cons

Exceedingly passionate and loving Do not feel safe
Very sincereToo unstructured
HumorousToo romantic
Very attentiveUnobjective

A pro and con list of a Virgo woman could look something like this when she thinks about whether the Pisces man she met some time ago can be the right partner at her side. 

Because he is really not the man of her dreams. He comes across as too volatile and emotionally charged. The Virgo woman will too often feel superior to him. She sees a partnership of equals, however, equality and equal treatment are important to both. 

When Heart Meets Mind

He wins her over with his unique sense of humor and they rarely miss an opportunity to laugh together. His attention flatters her and his biggest plus is that he is sincere and loving. She can trust him and doesn't have to be afraid that he will spill her secrets. The Pisces man can be silent as the grave.

The Virgo woman maintains a more distanced relationship with her feelings. The analyst can quickly feel superior to the romantic, which does neither him nor her any good. Therefore, to make the decision easier for the Virgo woman, we advise that both keep their eyes open for a more suitable candidate.


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