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Zodiac Sign Aries and Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Scorpio & Aries - Power Struggles Are Inevitable

The combination of the earth sign Aries and the water sign Scorpio is very explosive with some pros and cons. They share great pride and passion and two strong personalities meet here. Can it go smoothly? In most cases, unfortunately, not. 

They are very stubborn, opinionated and dominant. Be it in a love relationship, on a friendly level or in a professional relationship, they often clash, and then it's all about supremacy. Power struggles are thus inevitable. If you look closer, they often have the same goals, but their approach differs significantly. 

They Have to Ensure Equality

Symbolically speaking, the Aries always fights with an open visor, while the Scorpio goes into battle with a closed one. They always have a plan and never reveal as much as they actually know. The Aries goes with their head through the wall and reacts to changes extremely flexible and dynamic. They wear their heart on their sleeve and do not care for confusion tactics. 

However, the Scorpio admires the straightforwardness of the Aries. And Aries appreciates the Scorpio's energy and self-confidence. In a relationship, they have to ensure equality and share tasks fairly. Then, the great love will work out as well.

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The Aries Man and the Scorpio Woman

A Passionate Love-Hate Relationship

The love between the Aries man and the Scorpio woman in many cases is a passionate love-hate relationship. In this, neither partner can fully comprehend the other's behavior. Before it gets to that point, the Aries man and Scorpio woman should focus on their strengths. After all, there are some similarities: 

They have the same understanding of honesty, loyalty and passion, even though the Aries man tends to be more permissive in a committed relationship. The Scorpio woman, on the other hand, is not particularly squeamish. She tends to be very jealous, which often leads to possessive behavior. 

They Can Neither Live With Each Other, Nor Without Each Other

Through her consistent nature, the Scorpio woman can show the Aries man his limits. Of course, he does not put up with this wordlessly, but he does not mind that his sweetheart shows a clear edge. Here, the foundation is laid for an intense love-hate relationship, in which both can neither live completely without, nor completely with each other. 

In addition, there is the impetuous behavior of the Aries man, which the Scorpio woman does not approve of, but she doesn't want a man who always gives in and can't assert himself. Both abhor boredom, especially in a relationship. In this respect, they get their money's worth. For a long-term relationship, perseverance and patience are required. 

The Aries Woman and the Scorpio Man

Two Strong Characters

If you take a closer look at both of them, you might think that the Aries woman is the one that the Scorpio man has always been looking for. Strong-willed, open-hearted, confident, passionate, intelligent and emancipated, she is the one that can compete with him, because the Scorpio man is very dominant and just as strong-willed as passionate. He is very determined and assertive. 

Everything he does, he does with deep conviction. Delicate souls and wallflowers have great difficulties with the Scorpio man. Therefore, he could take great pleasure in her. After all, the Aries woman is neither one thing nor the other. She is emancipated, passionate and assertive. 

A Rainbow Only Appears After Rain

Their love can become very deep the more the Scorpio man opens up emotionally to the Aries woman. As a rule, his secrets remain his secrets that he takes to the grave. But in the Aries woman, the connoisseur of human nature will recognize a lady who knows no guile. Emotionally, they are very close and hardly differ from each other. 

Mentally, things are looking quite different. They have very different approaches that make mutual understanding difficult. Because of their strong personalities, there will be fierce clashes. If they work on it and come to compromises, an incredibly good team can grow. They know that a rainbow only appears after rain.

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