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The Scorpio Man

October 24th to November 22nd

The Scorpio Man, an Individualist

The Scorpio man holds many qualities that make him seem opaque, mysterious and charismatic. On the one hand, he is passionate and emotional. He is very interested in the concerns of others around them, too often out of sheer curiosity rather than empathy.  

On the other hand, he is very persistent and honest, but also often only concerned about his own advantage. However, he always remains true to himself in everything he does and follows his principles. This makes the Scorpio man an individualist who does not compromise. Even in the small things, he does not give up his point of view. From his view, there is nothing that can be neglected.

A Man With Rough Edges 

The Scorpio man has some rough edges. In his opinion, others are welcome to be smoothly polished, he always does his thing and has no regard for others. Being nice is mostly just a means to an end. The realization of his dreams is above all.

Despite everything, he maintains intense friendships, even though the number is limited. He is unconditionally loyal to his confidants and they definitely need to have a thick skin, because the Scorpio man is demanding and possessive. Not only in love, but also with his friends, he is extremely jealous. In return, they get a very reliable friend in him who always takes everyone on board and leaves no one out.

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He Moves in Extreme Realms

Extraordinarily concentrated, he works on his meticulously thought-out goals that only few people know about. His innate distrust is too high to share them as well as his true feelings and intentions. That's a big part of his mysterious nature. 

Just as the Scorpio man himself only moves in extreme realms, you can either LOVE him or HATE him. There is no middle ground for the uncompromising Scorpio man.

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