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Zodiac Sign Taurus and Zodiac Sign Aries

Taurus & Aries - Hardly Bridgeable Contrasts

Above all, the relationship between the earth sign Taurus and the fire sign Aries promises a lot of work. This starts with the fact that both value other virtues. 

Taurus is a zodiac sign that gives priority to routine, consistency and traditions in its life. Without these qualities, from its point of view, there is no life worth living, but an uncertain one, in which it must constantly be concerned about what might happen in the future. And that does not correspond to the Taurus at all. It plans its life, its actions and its work on earth from the first to the last second, relying on the knowledge of its forefathers.

Aries is the complete opposite, not only in this respect. It only blossoms when it doesn't know what it will face tomorrow and, unlike Taurus, it doesn't want to be prepared for it, but to prove and test its own limits over and over again. It is fair to say that a need for security is a foreign concept to it, not to say a thorn in its side. For it, there is nothing more boring than being able to look into the future. Its innate curiosity causes it to break with tradition over and over again and ensures that it prefers the unknown to the tried and true. 

For Them, a Relationship Will Always Remain Hard Work

Moreover, Aries always overruns the leisurely Taurus with its impatience, while Aries could fly off the handle about how patiently the Taurus can wait for its harvest. All in all, it will be difficult for both Aries and Taurus to find a balance between their differences. That's why they need an incredible amount of tolerance and empathy to make a happy relationship work. 

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The Aries Man and the Taurus Woman

Steam Locomotive Meets High-Speed Train

It is really hard to find similarities between the Aries man and the Taurus woman. Their views on how to live life are too contrasting, and in doing so, they rely on very different values. 

This is evident in the different speeds that they move in. While the Aries man is impulsive and spontaneous, eager to seize every opportunity, the Taurus woman sets a more leisurely pace. She patiently waits for the right opportunity and does not let herself be distracted. She trusts in her well-thought-out decisions and often falls back on tried and tested methods. This gives her a sense of permanence and, more importantly, security, which is a big part of her life and her reflections.

The Aries man, however, blindly throws himself at the target of its desire, trusting itself above all. Thus, the pleasurable Taurus woman is much too patient and slow for the fast-moving Aries man, who also despairs of her unshakable inner calm every once in a while. 

Unfortunately, Time Does Not Heal All Wounds

Due to this fact, the Taurus woman can shape the Aries man more and more according to her will, letting time play for her. But whether this can go well may at least be doubted, since the Aries man does not allow himself to be bent, but is very keen on being appreciate it as he is and not as someone would like him to be. In plain language, this means that the Aries man will react very strongly to this once he has smelled a rat, and any conflicts that arise will weigh even more heavily than they already do due to the differences in communication between the two. 

Over all, they have to take huge steps towards each other in order for the relationship to happen at all, and then the next move is to work on a long-term partnership.

The Aries Woman and the Taurus Man

Getting to Know Each Other for the First Time – Impossible

The first question that needs to be answered is where the Aries woman and the Taurus man might meet. The curious Aries woman is constantly on the move and leaves no stone unturned. She is magically drawn to new places where she can discover all kinds of people and cultures, as well as activities. For her, getting to know them is a must. Whether snorkeling, coral diving or a bungee jump, the main thing is not a routine. 

The Taurus man is completely different. He is a proper workhorse that cares about his career a lot. Prosperity and the security that comes with it are the most desirable things for him. He does all this to be able to offer himself and his (future) family a secure livelihood. And when he's not counting money, he likes to enjoy his free time quietly. Either alone in his hobby room, or with his close friends in a social gathering. He plays the host, or they meet in an exquisite restaurant and enjoy themselves.

If you have been paying attention up to here, we don't have to explain much longer that a relationship between the Aries woman and the Taurus man will be anything but easy. And even when they do get together, their differences are usually irreconcilable, so they will very quickly realize that they are better off going separate ways so that they can save not only time but also resources. Let's hope they will realize this early on.

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