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Zodiac Sign Virgo and Zodiac Sign Taurus 

Taurus & Virgo - Safe in the Harbor of Marriage

The two earth signs quickly get along very well. Getting to know each other takes place patiently and without any haste while not dragging on. Basically, you can say that when they get to know each other, all the points are set and a long-term love relationship is only a formality. Both Virgo and Taurus need this time and claim it for themselves, since they rarely enter into a partnership and no compromise is possible for them in this respect. Their requirements are too essential to be able to give in on these points.

They Have the Same Understanding of Loyalty

It is all the more pleasing for them to see that the Virgo can meet almost all the requirements of the Taurus and that it is the same the other way around. They agree on basic moral issues and have the same understanding of loyalty and how a relationship should be formed. They both radiate calmness, being neither changeable nor erratic, but reaching for the same stars. 

Romantic Evenings Round Off Their Happiness

With so much unity and peace, it is all the more important to make sure that the relationship does not fall asleep. Due to the fact that they face everyday life instead of wanting to escape it, shared romance and togetherness can often come up short. Weekend trips or a nice date night spice up the relationship and ensure that they can still appreciate each other, even after decades. Once this has been internalized, the two cheerful creatures sail towards the sunset comfortably and at their very own pace.

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Virgo Man and Taurus Woman

They Give Each Other Enough Time

“Try to take it slow...” is certainly not a phrase the Virgo man and Taurus woman will hear too often. Both do not hurry through life, because they know how to continuously progress. Thus, they jointly strive for security and prosperity, and this also is the greatest common denominator of the two, although not the only one. They never jump in at the deep end and thus have enough time to get to know each other better. 

They Prefer Laughing Heartily Instead of Arguing Seriously

If there should ever be a conflict, it will most likely be about the fact that the Taurus woman is increasingly willing to spend significantly more on high quality than the frugal Virgo man is. She is by no means wasteful with her money, but she does allow herself to go to a five-star restaurant just because it has a good reputation. The Virgo man is rather fixated on the fact that the relation of price and performance is appropriate. Bargains also tend to appeal to him. But with so much in common between them, this is really just a drop in the bucket. It is rather laughed about heartily, than really seriously argued.

Feelings Have To Be Shown

If they then also learn to talk about their feelings more and give them appropriate importance over the years, there is nothing really standing in the way of happiness between the Virgo man and the Taurus woman.

Virgo Woman and Taurus Man

Two Career People Meet 

With the Virgo woman and the Taurus man, two exceptional realists meet. This is positive in that they want a reality-based partner. They are not into the big adventure, but are positively meant to be two working machines that focus on the essentials and are excellent at doing so. They walk side by side and at eye level and do not crowd each other. Even if the Virgo woman should be a little ahead of the Taurus man in terms of career, this will never be an issue for her, and the Taurus man should also consider this in his favor rather than feeling inferior. 

Respect Turns Into Affection

In addition, this love relationship is characterized by an incredible calm and serenity, in which jealousy is a foreign word. They are too faithful and loyal for that and are unconditionally honest with their partner instead of philandering around. Therefore, business partnerships are also more than conceivable, as both are ambitious and have an excellent knack for economic matters. They are also objective and precise in their work and rarely settle for anything less than perfection. If romance still plays a role, the business relationship between the Virgo woman and the Taurus man can also turn into a romance and perhaps even a love relationship, which very well has the potential for marriage. This scenario is not too unlikely, since at work, you have enough time to get to know each other better without feeling a lot of pressure. 

Great Love Comes With Time

Despite their great similarities, they can also enrich each other. The Virgo woman learns the value of physical pleasure through her Taurus man, and the Taurus man in turn loosens up with the agile Virgo woman. All in all, you can say that the great love can arise here. But it will certainly take time to do so.


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