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The Zodiac Sign Aquarius

January 21th to February 19th

General Information About the Zodiac Sign Aquarius

The zodiac sign Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. Historically, Saturn is its ruling planet, but currently Uranus is considered its ruling planet. The zodiac sign Aquarius belongs to the element air and is male. Together with the zodiac sign Libra and the zodiac sign Gemini, it forms the trine of the element air and belongs to the square of the four fixed signs with the zodiac sign Taurus, the zodiac sign Leo and the zodiac sign Scorpio. It is only since ancient times that Aquarius has been depicted as a man with a water jug. In the Babylonian zodiac, it was still represented as “fish man”. In astrology, the image is that of two undulating lines, the interpretation of which is still unknown.

General Characteristics of the Zodiac Sign Aquarius

  • Creative
  • Individual
  • Visionary
  • Analytical
  • Helpful
  • Original

They rely on their keen intellect

Aquarians are some things, but definitely not boring. Creative, original and blessed with an incredible pool of ideas, the air sign captivates with its unconventional nature. They analyze everything and are always concerned about a tolerant and objective point of view. They neither allows themselves to be distracted by their feelings, but trusts in their well-developed intellect. 

Always Ahead of Their Time

They are very modern and always ahead of their time. Unfortunately, this often causes incomprehension among their fellow people. These get the impression that the Aquarius is a mad professor, but in most cases, they will still be attracted to them, because the Aquarius is very positive and convinces fellow people with their charm. In social gatherings, they are a welcome guest that shines with their openness and rhetorical skills.

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Unprejudiced and Principled

The future-oriented Aquarius is unprejudiced and principled. As mentioned above, they are quite social, but tend to be a loner. This is because Aquarius always maintains a certain distance by nature, simply for the reason to preserve their beloved freedom. This makes them non-binding, sometimes even downright aloof. Aquarius-born people maintain a variety of contacts, but rarely one that penetrates the surface and allows for a deep friendship.

Hardly Any Time to Make Your Dreams Come True

In addition, Aquarius-born people have difficulty turning their utopian visions into reality. All these ideas hardly leave them any time to implement even one of them. In combination with the weakness of a lower assertiveness, the Aquarius needs an accomplice at their side who knows how to convert their creativity into money. 

Money is Only a Means to an End

Otherwise, there is a great danger that the optimistic Aquarius will become frustrated. Fortunately, this rarely happens, because the Aquarius only sees money as a means to an end. They are not attached to prosperity and security and pursue their passions for their own sake, not to launch a great career.


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