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Zodiac Sign Scorpio and Zodiac Sign Taurus

Taurus & Scorpio - A Smooth-Edged Love?

Although, as a rule, two zodiac signs opposite each other in the zodiac rarely get along, the pair of the zodiac sign Scorpio and the zodiac sign Taurus harmonize better than you would expect. 

This is due to the fact that zodiac signs from the element of water and zodiac signs from the element of earth often make good connections. These two elements enrich each other and ensure continuous growth. 

Here, the steady and reliable side of Taurus is probably the drawing card in this relationship. This is because Scorpio often tends to be very controlling and becomes very quick-tempered when given a reason to be jealous. 

Luckily, it does not have to worry with the faithful Taurus. It enjoys spending time with its partner and is very ambitious and focused on security. When the Taurus dreams, it's of having its own family with lots of kids and a nice house where everyone has a good time together.

This matches the ideas of the Scorpio. It also wants a family with children and is very eager to achieve its goals. In return, it wants a partner it can rely on and with whom it experiences intense feelings.

And that's exactly what the passionate Scorpio gets from the Taurus. It has its back and is a heart man, as is the Scorpio.

Not All That Glitters Is Gold

However, not all is peace, joy and happiness, because both the water sign Scorpio and the earth sign Taurus have a pronounced stubborn side. When disagreements arise, neither wants to make concessions to the other and would rather risk a prolonged argument than compromise and quickly reconcile.

In the long run, the harmony can turn into the opposite, especially when Scorpio gets bored, as it makes Taurus too predictable, despite its loyalty and reliability. Then, the Scorpio will provoke the Taurus repeatedly to get it out of its cover, however, it will also fail in this endeavor more than once. The grounded Taurus is hard to upset and continuously goes its way.

In short, this means that the spice is missing in the long run and they grow apart despite all the love. In this case, however, there will rarely be a war of the roses, but they often part as good friends.

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The Scorpio Man and the Taurus Woman

Sensual and Enjoyable

The Scorpio man and the Taurus woman will have an extremely sensual and enjoyable time together. Above all, because they can build very good trust without intrigue and jealousy. They share a sense of purpose and a tendency to plan and organize their lives. Especially in a marriage with children, these qualities are particularly beneficial to them. Determined and obsessed with detail, they consider all eventualities in their deliberations, just to be on the safe side. 

The Key to Happiness is Compromising

However, this approach can also lead to conflicts in which people are far too strict and petty about their counterparts.

The Taurus woman – like the Scorpio man – simply lacks a certain looseness there, which she needs in order to be able to let alleged misbehavior slide more easily. This means that they have to be willing to compromise in order to make a lasting relationship work. To their credit, they have the quality of never giving up. Should they be able to take this to heart, then they are looking at a rosy future.

The Scorpio Woman and the Taurus Man

Absolute Happiness Through Reliability and Loyalty

There is a lot of potential for a happy relationship between the Scorpio woman and the Taurus man. At the same time, they share some traits which they place special value in their desired partner on. 

The Scorpio woman wants a faithful, reliable man who will give her no reason to be jealous, and who can match her volcanic strength at the same time. These qualities are anything but foreign to the Taurus man. In a relationship, he behaves conscientiously, honestly and loyally, and he remains true to himself. 

The Taurus man knows exactly what he wants from life and thinks through his plans again and again. He works on their implementation meticulously and consistently, which usually results in him having a strong self-confidence. In this respect, the Scorpio woman and the Taurus man complement each other perfectly.

Friction in Their Case Means Growth

On the other hand, they have to face some challenges in their relationship to make it produce the fruits they expect from it. Both the Scorpio woman and the Taurus man have a strong urge to control. They would prefer to follow their partner at every turn and keep interfering in its affairs. 

This creates strong tensions, which are discharged at some point. Then, a quarrel breaks out, in which sparks will fly. Here, they prove their stubbornness and pigheadedness. No one wants to give in and they relentlessly fight until one of them can't or won't anymore. This can even go so far that they decide to break up, because at this point in their relationship, they realize that they are not made for each other.

But in order for this not to be the turning point in their otherwise harmonious relationship, they need to learn and understand the importance of compromise and that it is not a sign of weakness, but rather of greatness. It would be a pity about such a beautiful couple.

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