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Zodiac Sign Cancer and Zodiac Sign Aquarius 

Cancer & Aquarius - Without Wind There is No Typhoon

The open and charming Aquarius knows how to captivate people around them. They are often the sole entertainer and can shine with their great general knowledge on almost any topic of conversation. Light-footed, they moves through life and always strive to be open and tolerant with those around them. In many ways, the Cancer is the exact opposite.

Rather reserved, less on the move and more the listener, they are quite attracted to the Aquarius. They are very receptive to their flattery and listen to their stories. Through their opposites, they are attracted to each other. This favors their getting to know each other.

Little Things Lead to Big Frictions 

Relatively early on, the first problems will arise as their fundamental differences are clearly noticeable. This begins with the fact that Aquarius has a very superficial relationship with their feelings and always try to keep a cool head. The Cancer acts, speaks and thinks only with and through their feelings.

The different ways of perceiving life make for ambiguity. Communication in a relationship is simply too fundamental to neglect, thus, even the smallest thing can lead to great tension. 

Ying and Yang

It's not just their expressions that are fundamentally different, but also how they organize their daily lives. This way, no rhythm can develop. While the Cancer is domestic and appreciates routine, the Aquarius is fickle and flighty. 

The Aquarius needs a lot of free space, they are reluctant to stay in one place for a long time. The air sign appreciates change, but the Cancer closes itself to it for a long time. They hold on to well-tried things while the Aquarius always needs new incentives. 

From this point of view, the connection between them is not under favorable stars. They need a high level of tolerance and have to be very accommodating to make a relationship possible.

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Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman

They Fall in Love Very Easily

With the committed Cancer man and the non-committed Aquarius woman, two different worlds definitely meet. Initially, this creates a nice attraction to the unknown. They will approach each other with interested and look into each other's eyes with fascination. 

The easy-going and charming nature of the Aquarius woman makes it tremendously easy for the Cancer man to fall in love with her, and he knows how to attract the opposite sex to him as well. Very subtly, he will speak up in the right places.

If they are in a relationship after a long period of getting to know each other, they will enjoy many hours together. The harmony could not be more beautiful, but over time, the Aquarius woman will unfortunately withdraw more and more. She doesn't want to get too attached because she does not maintain an intimate relationship with her feelings, the many expressions of love from the Cancer man may become too much for her. 

Compromises are Required for a Lasting Relationship

While he makes hints for a life together with a nice house and many children, the spontaneous Aquarius woman thinks about which new place she would like to travel to next. The magic quickly is gone and the disappointment is great. They perceive the behavior of their counterpart differently and become increasingly critical of their partner. If the Cancer man then becomes possessive and jealous too, the breakup only is a formality. 

For a long-lasting relationship, they have to compromise and accept the other as they are, not how they would prefer them to be. If they make an effort, it can work out in the long run, but unfortunately, the signs are against the couple.

Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man

Her Protective Armor Becomes Thicker Over Time

To put it bluntly, the relationship between the sensitive Cancer woman and the cosmopolitan Aquarius man is not the most harmonious. This already starts with communication: they design it very differently. In her language, the Cancer woman is subtle and indirect, and because she does not want to make herself vulnerable, she is reserved.

Over time, her protective armor becomes thicker and more impenetrable. Thus, the sensitive Cancer woman becomes a very gruff person, depending on how many disappointments she has experienced. A relationship with the Aquarius man may fall into this category. He is very superficially interested in his feelings and those of the people around him. 

They Expect Different Things From Life

A classic characteristic of the air sign is its analytical mind. To the outside, he is charming and courteous, but he rarely feels deep emotions. He doesn't mind expressing his opinion directly and is very direct in his speech, even if he always say things with a wink.

With him, the pleasures of life are the focus and this flightiness leads to some frustration for the Cancer woman. Another point speaking against the relationship between the Cancer woman and the Aquarius man is that she dreams of owning a home and having a happy family. He is more interested in discovering life in all its diversity. A wife with children inhibit, in his opinion. 

The couple has better chances if the Cancer woman has learned to allow her partner a long leash. The Aquarius man has to have his thirst for adventure satisfied enough to be ready for a life in a home. Then, they enrich themselves and break out of their usual patterns.


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