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The Chinese Zodiac | 5 Min. Reading duration

The chinese zodiac sign Dragon

In the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is in fifth place. According to one myth, the animals are arranged in order of arrival at a festival. Contrary to expectations, the Dragon was the fifth animal to reach the finish line, being beaten by the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger and the Rabbit

This animal is very highly regarded. Thus, the Chinese people consider themselves descendants of the Dragons. Chinese emperors are also seen in history as the reincarnation of a Dragon.

The Special Characteristics of the Dragon

Dragons are bursting with power! They are vital and assertive. They do not hide their opinions for long. Since Dragons are naturally blessed with a large portion of intelligence, tenacity and courage, they go through life confidently. 

Dragons love to take on new challenges, and they are not afraid to take risks. Because of their self-confident nature and dominant behaviour, Dragons are often called arrogant. 

Dragons are hardly open to criticism, especially not when they are angry. Wallowing in the past is nothing for Dragons either – they strive for a pleasant future! By the way, the Dragon is the only mystical creature in the Chinese zodiac.

The Subtle Differences of the Types of Dragons

The Chinese five-element teachings assign one element to each zodiac sign – depending on the year of birth. Although new Dragons are born every 12 years, a Dragon with a certain element is born only every 60 years. You can find out which type of Dragon you are from the following overview:

1940, 2000Metal
1952, 2012Water
1916, 1976Wood
1904, 1964Fire
1928, 1988Earth

This means that the next Dragons, who will be born in 2024, will be Wood Dragons.

The Special Character Traits of the types of Dragons

The combination of one of the five elements with the Dragon from the Chinese zodiac sign ensures that the Dragon types differ and take on individual character traits. 

Metal-Dragon: If one were to describe Metal Dragons as briefly as possible, the description “tough but fair” would fit it perfectly. Dragons with this element live by their convictions and do not compromise. They expect the same from their environment. They have no understanding for people who are more relaxed about their principles. 

Thanks to their high ideals, Metal Dragons find it particularly difficult to forgive themselves for their own mistakes. Nevertheless, metal Dragons are able to put their own needs aside for the greater good. Through their consistent nature, they can do a lot for the common good. 

By the way: Bruce Lee is also considered “tough but fair”. He was born on November 27th, 1940 and therefore is a Metal Dragon.

Water-Dragon: Water Dragons are the problem solvers among these mystical beings. Of all the Dragon types, they are the ones most likely to compromise. Of course, Water Dragons also strive for power, but they are much more good-natured and sociable than the other Dragons. 

Water Dragons have a caring streak that can sometimes get them into trouble themselves if they spend more time on others than they actually have available. 

Fire-Dragon: It doesn't get any hotter than this: half-assing is not for Fire Dragons. With huge egos, Fire Dragons love to be in the spotlight. They love the grand entrance and the attention of their environment. 

Their overly confident demeanour can quickly make delicate minds feel intimidated. A Fire Dragon also tends to put pressure on others. Competitors are a red rag for Fire Dragons – they are cleared out of the way as quickly as possible, if possible. Despite all the theatrics: Fire Dragons are considered to be extremely clever and sincere. 

Wood-Dragon: Wood Dragons are the tinkerers among Dragons. Wood Dragons are made for the fields of science and research. The Wood Dragon is born with a high level of intelligence and logical understanding. 

Sometimes, its pioneering spirit gets the better of it and its ideas are not always realistic. In positions of power, however, the Wood Dragon always stands up for the common good. But it does not do so entirely selflessly: it likes to bask in recognition for its achievements. 

Earth-Dragon: If you know a calm, rational Dragon, it may be an Earth Dragon. They are considered to be extraordinarily warm-hearted, reliable and confident. The Earth Dragon solves problems rather quietly and with understanding. 

However, the pride of an Earth Dragon should not be hurt under any circumstances, because it can also fly off the handle. While the Earth Dragon is not a great dreamer, it is known for its big heart and its generosity.

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Climbing the Career Ladder with Confidence

Dragons like to take on new challenges. They accept certain risks in order to achieve what they want. They are suitable for a wide range of professions – always preferably in leadership positions. 

There, their sense of the common good also puts them in good hands. Good opportunities for a steep career path arise for Dragons in many professions, for example as: 

  • Broker
  • Investor
  • Manager
  • Lawyer
  • Engineer 
  • Architect

Dragons and Love – Whom Does it Work Out With?

Every pot needs a lid – Dragons need a partner as well. They find it difficult to invest enough energy in their relationship. But if they are sure they have found the right partner, they will do anything for their relationship. 

Certain animal combinations of the Chinese zodiac are said to go together particularly well. The following overview shows which combinations are ideal and which could be critical:

IdealMonkey, Rat
GoodSnake, Pig, Rooster, Tiger
AverageHorse, Rabbit, Dragon, Ox, Goat

However, don’t worry too much: Even combinations that seem unfavourable at first can work! Thus, the symbiosis of Dog and Dragon, who have different views of the world, can also lead to an exciting and intimate love relationship. 

The Specifics of the Dragon Woman

What men can do, women have been able to do for a long time. That is the motto of a Dragon woman. She is considered emancipated, proud and intelligent. With their high level of intelligence and sense of the common good, Dragon women are perfect for leadership positions. 

Thus, Dragon women tend to put work and career before love. Only when they have achieved what they wanted professionally are they ready for a family. 

Caution is advised if a Dragon woman feels provoked: Then, she can quickly become cheeky and condescending due to her hot temper. 

What Makes the Dragon Man?

The Dragon man is intelligent, generous and highly gifted. He likes to be in the spotlight and loves to be celebrated by those around him. He achieves his goals through his energetic, proactive nature. He always tackles problems head on.

As for the Dragon woman, career plays an equally important role for the dominant Dragon man – he also feels most comfortable in leadership positions, because this is where he gets the most attention. 

However, this can be his undoing in love: The Dragon man is much sought after by the ladies, but has a hard time deciding on a partner. In order for him to have the attention of only one partner, he has to fight for it – hard. 

Healthy and Strong: Like a Dragon?

Good news first: Dragons generally are considered healthy. The bad news: Due to the high degree of diligence that Dragons invest in their projects, tensions can increase.

Meanwhile, challenges and risks that Dragons regularly take on add stress. Tip: Rest every once in a while. Walks and yoga are great for staying healthy.