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the chinese zodiac sign Horse

As the seventh animal in the Chinese zodiac, the Horse comes after the Snake and before the Goat. As with all other Chinese zodiac signs, the Horse was able to secure its place in the zodiac in a race.

In the process, the Horse had to pass a burial ground, but was afraid. At first it hesitated, but then closed its eyes and galloped to the finish with newfound courage. 

The Special Characteristics of Horse

Horse-born people are considered to be particularly lively, energetic and active. They love to be in a herd among many people, and love to go to concerts, theatres, gatherings, sport events and parties.

Their unique sense of humour gives Horses a special quick wit. This is another reason why they like to be the centre of attention and give their audience a fun and exciting time. 

But because of these qualities, they are often called self-centred, which, however, does not mean that they are not interested in the problems of others. Horse-borns are a little more cunning, which is mainly because most Horses can't muster up that much trust in others. 

The Subtle Differences of the Types of Horses

A Chinese zodiac is only worth half as much without associated elements from the Chinese five-element theory. Horses with certain element types have different characteristics.

So, according to this theory, there are five different types of Horses, which can be defined differently depending on the date of birth. We have summarised these elements for you here:

1930, 1990Metal
1942, 2002Water
1906, 1966Wood
1954, 2014Fire
1918, 1978Earth

The Special Character Traits of Horses

As mentioned, the individual character traits of Horses revolve primarily around the associated elements, such as Metal, Water, Fire, Wood and Earth. That's why we would like to take a closer look at the character traits now: 

Metal-Horse: The Metal Horse is determined by the irrepressible urge for freedom as well as an iron will. Therefore, dealing with this type of Horse can sometimes be quite difficult. The Metal Horse quickly feels oppressed and then reacts very sensitively. 

Nevertheless, even with their stubborn behaviour, they are very popular and become a little more sociable with time. In life, Metal Horses are very successful. This is mainly due to their agile spirit as well as the wealth of ideas.  

Water-Horse: Horse-born people are considered to be very communicative, and Water Horses take it up a notch here. At the same time, their need for communication sometimes knows no bounds! Therefore, conversations with a Water Horse often turn into a monologue. 

Nevertheless, they are very well received because they can tell funny, entertaining and interesting stories. Here, Water Horses often run the risk of making promises that they ultimately cannot keep. They place particular emphasis on broadening their horizons.

Fire-Horse: Fire Horses are very charismatic, energetic and dazzling. At the same time, they are sometimes very unruly and hard to restrain, because they don't want to bend to anyone! What some would call chaotic or cross-headed, others consider Fire Horses to be thought leaders and pioneers of their generation. 

Due to their non-conformist and unique nature, the day should be more than 24 hours long so that they can experience and do everything they actually want to. But beware: When a Fire Horse wants to enforce something, it often does so regardless of the consequences! 

Wood-Horse: Wood Horses are born entertainers. They are friendly and popular. But that's not surprising, because they have a lot to tell! The urge for freedom and adventure but also the tendency to overdo it are typical for a Wood Horse, and when they tell stories, they often embellish them. This type of Horse is particularly impatient and never looks back. Material things do not mean as much to them as spiritual goods.

Earth-Horse: Earth Horses are very special types among the Horse-born. They are clearly more level-headed and realistic than others. With this, they get to the bottom of things with logic and are considerably less tempestuous. 

It is much more important to them that their ideas turn into something solid. Belonging to a group is also important to them. Nevertheless, they are passionate and need a lot of freedom.

By the way: One of the most popular Earth Horses is the South African politician and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela!

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Horses in Career

Horses are – as you have already read – extremely communicative. That’s why they are best off in professions that have to do with communicating with other people. Horses are also very good leaders, managers and decision makers. They are reluctant to take orders. 

Perfect career opportunities for Horses are those that do not involve loneliness or much rest. They are extroverted and need people to blossom. Possible career paths for Horse-born people:

  • Publicist
  • Sales representative
  • Journalist
  • Language teacher
  • Translator
  • Bartender
  • Performer
  • Tour guide
  • Librarian 
  • Pilot

Horses and Love – How Things Work Out!

Horses are very communicative and need a lot of confirmation. So partners who can give him exactly that, but who are also communicative, energetic and adventurous themselves, are ideal. Tiger, Goat and Dog-borns go particularly well with the charismatic Horse.

IdealTiger, Goat, Dog
GoodDragon, Pig
AverageRabbit, Snake, Horse, Monkey
DifficultRat, Ox, Rooster

But do not let this unsettle you. Even if your partner is not one of the ideal combinations, this does not have to mean that your relationship is bad. On the contrary: Oftentimes, intense and passionate combinations arise with zodiac signs that do not fit perfectly at first sight!

The Horse Woman

Horse women are dynamic, bright and extremely humorous creatures who are always up for an adventure. At the same time, they often have a naive and uncompromising attitude. If they don't like something, they are not at a loss for words.

In a relationship, the Horse woman is very sensual and passionate. But before she commits to a partner, she first sows her wild oats. Through her open nature and wisdom, she quickly makes friends without commitment.

However, when she falls in love, she showers her beloved one with tokens of love – and that is exactly what she demands from her partner as well. 

What Makes the Horse Man?

Horse men are cheerful and sociable people endowed with an agile and sharp mind, but they can also become hot-headed and impatient.

However, once a Horse man has set himself a goal, there is no stopping him. If hurdles get in his way, he looks for an easier path or simply a new task. 

In relationships, the Horse man is an extreme romantic. It can quickly happen that he falls in love head over heels. In the process, he always needs tokens of love, but is also ready to spoil his beloved one! 

Healthy and Strong: Like a Horse?

Horses are generally bursting with health, not least because they have a positive attitude towards life. 

However, situations in which Horse-born people experience a lot of responsibility or lots of pressure at work weaken Horses. Therefore, you should be careful not to work too much overtime and not to come home too late. 

As a charismatic person who likes to have people around you, you love parties, but even here you should occasionally decline invitations!